The Specific Ways The Internet Is Changing Our Brains

Since the beginning of time, people have always looked for ways to make the everyday things they do more simple. After so many different inventions, mankind produced the internet. It is easy to go to this brilliant mechanism for everything. If you need a job, look on the internet. Do you need a car, look on the internet. Because of the everyday use of this invention, our brains may be changing and not for the better.

Let us look at one example of how the internet changes our minds. It used to be that if you had a research paper, going to the library to get certain books was the way to go. Also, you had to read the encyclopedias that were available on the subject. You had to exercise your mind to look up the right books and sit down to write out a proper outline. That required thinking. Now, you no longer have to hunt down specific books. You can just google what you need and it pops up. Not only that, writing a paper is easy because you have sites such as Grammarly to help you with spelling and comma placements. This is making your mind lazy. After a while, you can become idle because of the dependence on these sites. You lose your ability to focus on your own because of the daily habit of using the internet. Do not get me wrong. It is convenient when you are working on a short deadline. However, your mind is no longer sharp. It is not good when you rely on fast solutions, rather than old-fashioned methods that do the same thing.

Did you know that math can help keep your mind in shape? Calculating figures in your head can keep diseases away such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia. If you use math on a daily basis and are continuously using the online calculators, you run the risk of not being as good in that subject as you once were. Just think of how dormant certain areas of your mind can become of your wanting to use the internet to solve an augmented matrix problem. If you are taking a test on this subject and can not use that online calculator, you are screwed. The internet is not worth the hassle of losing certain functions of your brain, just because you want to hurry up and get a problem done. There is nothing wrong with utilizing that wonderful brain power to solve complex problems and keep you healthy.

Too much internet use can also make you very forgetful. It seems like your mind goes blank when you need to remember certain things. You go to the internet so much to solve problems that you should be able to solve without google’s help. Looking at screens all day can desensitize the functions you need to finish your task. You can get distracted very easy nowadays with what can be pulled up on Yahoo. Also, we are reading things that we would have normally not have bothered if it were not for the internet. You can fill your head with the latest gossip instead of a good book about productivity. You can play games on the internet now instead of vintage board games such as Monopoly and Chutes and Ladders. It is way too easy to read things that can do your mind harm now, then it is to read things that will build it up.

Have you ever thought to yourself, how can I stay off the internet for a week? Is that even possible to do anymore? Thee are some countries that really do not like the use of the internet but yet embrace it because it is the present and future. The internet helps expand global commerce. However, what if everyone just decided to leave it alone for the sake of resting their minds? Would that be such a bad thing? I believe we should not get rid of all the old ways of research and calculations. The libraries, along with pencil and paper still have its uses. We need to stop with the wanting of having information so quick all the time. With the world’s addiction to the internet, going back to the old ways just is not possible. We are too idle in our thinking and will not change. Our minds will continue to get worse. As long as we are holding on to the internet, our brains will never get the exercise it rightfully deserves.